Black Sails ‘XIV’ Recap and Review

Warning: Contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Black Sails

XIV-1Last week’s episode left us with a shocking twist regarding the history between Captain Flint and Miranda Barlow: The affair that exiled them was between Captain Flint and Thomas Hamilton as they worked together to end piracy. Season 2 has given us so much misdirection, even having Flint and Miranda in an actual affair, that we were caught off guard when Flint and Thomas kissed. XIV started where the last one left off with Charles Vane and Flint at each other’s throats which is interrupted by Eleanor. While Vane demands Eleanor to decide between the two, Eleanor wants their differences settled once and for all. Despite claiming they won’t resolve anything, Flint tells Vane he can keep the fort and his troops will stand down in exchange for Abigail. With Eleanor surprised at Flint’s lust for money, he claims “she’s worth more to me than money.”

Jack Rackham is on his first voyage as captain while following a lead. While Featherstone doubts the information provided by Max, he tells Jack to ask him if he needs help considering he knows Jack’s role on the Ranger was a political one while Vane was the sailor. With a shout of sails, Jack orders the crew while surprising them at what he commanded them to do. Featherstone, surprised as well, figures he’s heading the ship at a better angle to catch better wind. With another shout of sails, another ship appears to be approaching, though Jack confuses it for another prize, Featherstone suggests its competition for their prize.


Flint reveals a plan to provide a “future” for everyone at Nassau, while bringing a warning for a battle he’s prepared himself for: England raining down on Nassau with ships in an attempt to reclaim New Providence. Flint hopes to stop that fight with Abigail, bringing her back to Peter Ashe and hoping to gain an ally that allows them to keep everything, be pardoned and elect a new governor. He hopes to accomplish this with the history him and Peter Ashe shared. Vane demands more than just his future, being that he sees them as just words. With Flint giving Vane a chance at his survival or leaving and continuing the assault against him and his crew, Vane sees through those words seeing how valuable Abigail is to Flint and demands he be paid her worth: 1 Spanish Man o’ War. Vane departs while being followed by Eleanor. With Rirchard Gurthie and Flint discussing possible outcomes of his plan, especially with 5 million Spanish dollars missing from Spain’s treasury, Eleanor returns claiming Vane has agreed and guaranteeing Vane’s commitment to release Abigail.

With his first prize secured, Jack is confronted by Captain Linus and his crew. Though neither captain has heard of the other, they are put in a bad spot given that the prize is to be split. Linus provides Jack with 3 outcomes, 2 of which could end in Jack’s death. The third, and selected outcome, is to split the prize between the two crews. Billy is talking to the crew of his misadventure after falling into the water, but is interrupted by Dufrense with him asking of how he fell in the water to begin with. With one of Flint’s crew, Logan, sneaking away and entering the brothel, Anne Bonny questions Charlotte about the gold. With only a response of Flint’s crew not having the gold but still after it, she rushes in and demands where the gold is. With a sword at his throat, Logan berates Anne Bonny before she slashes his throat and stabs Charlotte three times.

XIV-3While discussing the split, Jack and Linus are in disagreement in how it should be split. Though Linus claims Jack is receiving more than half, Jack states Linus’ share is worth 9/10 the total value. Linus insists the split is fair given the sizes of the two crews giving Linus the advantage. With Flint back to his men, he reunites with Billy, who fell from his ship previously, and embraces him. Horningold finds Flints and finally wants the assault pushed forward to reclaim his fort. While discussing the new plan with Horningold, he lashes at Flint for abandoning their agreement in reclaiming his fort. Visibly upset, he gives notice for submitting himself as captain of the remaining crew with his argument being to reclaim the fort, hold Vane accountable against his actions and sailing for the gold.

While reviewing the split, Featherstone suggests to accept the split, though Jack disagrees. Featherstone tells Jack that his crew is aware of the size difference between the two crews, while Jack knows he will be voted off before reaching land if he accepts the split. Knowing he sacrificed possibly his relationship with the woman he loves to be captain, he walks to Linus to accept the deal with minor changes. While Linus embraces his decision to accept, Jack throws his cup of wine at him and swings his blade at him. Seeing that he’s been cut, Linus viciously attacks Jack before he succumbs to his wound. While both crews raise their arms against each other, Jack urges them to wait to explain his actions. With Jack’s cunning words, he releases the tied up crew and has them join his to outnumber Linus’ crew and demands one of them sit with Jack to discuss a reasonable and honorable split among the two crews.

Billy and Dufrense discuss Flint’s plan and the growing support behind Flint. Billy states Flint is right and England is planning an attack to reclaim New Providence. With no other reason but to support Flint, Dufrense asks if there is an alternative to save themselves. Billy reveals he didn’t escape, but was released with an offer of a pardon along with 9 others. If they feel Flint is unable to achieve what he claims, he, Dufrense and 8 others can be pardoned by delivering Flint and start new lives. Unmoved by Harnigold’s request, Flint tasks John Silver to tally votes and widen the margin to have Harnigold lose to the point no one will follow him. While seeking the crew, one mentions of a missing crew member who has gone to the brothel. While searching for Logan, he sees that he’s been murdered along with Charlotte. Though a part of Flint’s crew, John helps in covering up the murders by developing the story that Logan was scared to fight and ran away with his lover. While Vane is asleep, Eleanor heads to the main cell to find Abigail, and to make good of her word, claims she’s no longer a hostage and will be released.

This episode has lots of tension among allies and rivals. Loyalties are pushed to their limits with Eleanor being forced to choose between Vane and Flint, though she appears to choose Flint in hopes of securing their future. Max tells Anne Bonny that no one will touch her for what has happened. John Silver at one point worked with Max and attempts to remain an ally by helping cover up the murders, but at the cost of being loyal to Flint? Though he hasn’t betrayed Flint, yet, he states to Max he won’t lie about what he saw. Jack appears to be over his head, from quartermaster to captain, on his first voyage with a new crew in attempts to bring a name to himself. Featherstone doubts Jack’s ability to lead while being surprised by what Jack is capable of, including turning the odds in his crew’s favor. Hornigold is restless and adamant about reclaiming his fortress to the point of gaining control by council and continuing the original campaign against Vane and pursue the gold. Everything keeps piling up against the end goal, securing the gold. This season is reaching its end fast with only 4 episodes left. Season 1 ended with a bang with the sinking of the Ranger and the Walrus being breached. It’s possible we may see Flint heading to England by Season 2’s end, whether by choice or as a prisoner.

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