We Happy Few trailer premiere is reminiscent of BioShock, which is a good thing

Wellette we happy few thumb

“Welcome to Wellington Wells! Put on your happy face, you saucy minx.”

Compulsion just premiered the trailer for We Happy Few, and it’s looking very unique and upsetting. It opens up with a black and white news segment featuring a happy news anchor in creepy white makeup. However, it then pans to a first-person view of your character, with the news anchor noticing that you aren’t joining in on the fun. Wellington Wells is a happy place set in 1960s England, and everybody is smiling and joyful. Pretty soon all the citizens notice you are out of place and start to attack you.

Compulsion is the studio who worked on Contrast, a game where your character can transition from a 3D colorful world to a 2D shadow world. We Happy Few will be showcased next week at PAX East in Boston.

The developers have stated that they enjoyed the community’s feedback of their games. For PAX East, they will be noting input from those who play the early demo.

Source: Compulsion

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