The Science Channel’s Are We Alone? Week


The Science Channel will engage in their 4th annual Are We Alone? Week this coming Monday, March 2nd. The event will run through Friday, March 6th and will air both encore presentations of past seasons’ material and world premiere programming.

Are We Alone? Week explores the our universe’s potential for life on other planets and uncovers the science behind humankind’s most pressing question. With over 40 billion inhabitable planets in our galaxy alone, isn’t it mathematically impossible for us to be alone? Decide for yourself after seeing the incredible programs planned each evening!



10 p.m. EST  NASA’s Unexplained Files: Life in Hell (WORLD PREMIERE)

A UFO crash lands in Pennsylvania. Was it a top secret Soviet satellite — or something far more dangerous? On the red-hot surface of Mercury, NASA finds the impossible: frozen water. Could there be life on this fiery hell? A strange object causes a skyscraper-sized shadow on the surface of Mars’s largest moon. What is it, and how did it get there? NASA’s Unexplained Files examines the dark side of space exploration, as astronauts and scientists reveal mysteries seemingly ripped from science fiction.


9p.m. EST  What On Earth? Finding Sodom (WORLD PREMIERE)

NASA astronaut Mike Barratt, describes photographing a strange ring in the ice on the world’s oldest and most mysterious lake from the International Space Station. More rings on Lake Baikal have been seen since, they baffle scientists.

10 p.m. EST  Close Encounters: Hunting Season (WORLD PREMIERE)

Two brothers witness something extraordinary that defies explanation while hunting in Idaho.  A strange metal craft passes over Antananarivo, Madagascar plunging it into darkness for almost 10 minutes. Thousands of citizens witness the event.

10:30 p.m. EST  Close Encounters: Alien Assault (WORLD PREMIERE)

Texas police receive several calls about a 200-foot flying object from local citizens.  Two farmers witness the strange sighting up close.  In Scotland, a property inspector is knocked unconscious when he comes in contact with a strange metallic object.


10 p.m. EST  NASA’s Unexplained Files: Top Secret Terror (WORLD PREMIERE)

Was the Moon landing faked? Startling images of Mercury reveal massive spider-like formations on its surface. Is it a complex system of trenches — or something much more ominous? A top secret space shuttle mission ends in near-disaster, but many of the mission’s details remain classified. What was NASA’s secret mission? NASA’s Unexplained Files examines the dark side of space exploration, as astronauts and scientists reveal mysteries seemingly ripped from science fiction.


10 p.m. EST  UFO Conspiracies: UFO Dogfight (WORLD PREMIERE)

A string of lights crashes into Canadian waters, and the government declares a UFO incident; a silvery object streaks across the New Zealand skies at high speed; and, in Iran, fighters are scrambled to investigate a UFO, leading to a bizarre dogfight.


10 p.m. EST  Close Encounters: Alien Vampires (WORLD PREMIERE)

In Brazil, 3 men escape a close encounter only to realize it lasted hours longer than any of them realized.  In Canada, a thirteen-year-old boy is temporally blinded after investigating a strange object near his home.

Question everything.

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