Dragon Ball Z fan film better than Hollywood version

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

If you’re not entirely sure what Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is, then I’m here to enlighten you. RobotUnderDog is a website that was formed all the way back in 2013. Well, their small team came together with Machinima to create a fan-made, live-action spin-off of the very well known anime, Dragon Ball Z.

Based off The History of Trunks, RobotUnderDog took the concept and turned it into their own series. Last year, they announced the plans that they had. Finally, after months of hard work, they released the pilot episode just a few days ago. Check out the first episode below. Trust me, it’s worth watching.

Since Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is an independent project, they’re asking anyone who enjoys the series and is willing to donate. Hey, if you like it and want to see another episode made, you should totally do it. You can do so here!

For more information about the series, I’ve put some links below!

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