Could the addition of Tom Rothman to Sony spell disaster for Marvel Studios?


Tom Rothman was recently appointed head of the Sony Pictures Group after Amy Pascal’s exit. However with the filling of these shoes comes a lot of questions into the future of Sony’s Spider-Man film franchise and the recent joint venture of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Rothman

If you don’t know who Tom Rothman is, let’s just say that he doesn’t have a great track record, especially when it comes to superhero movies. According to Variety, Mr. Rothman has a “prickly” personality and apparently had a temper that caused problems with Fox’s corporate members; yes, he used to be at Fox Studios.

According to Marciel from Marvel Cinematic Universe, here is a list of things Tom has had his hands in and changed:

“Not giving the Fantastic Four films a better budget and also thought that it would be better for us to see Galactus as a cloud.

Having a disdain for Comic Books.

Not wanting Deadpool to be green lit, hence the “Hi Tom” in the test footage.

A lot of the changes to the script of X-Men Origins Wolverine to characters, and the story.

So yeah this is who Marvel Studios is going to have to work with involving Spider-Man.”


In addition to these are were other statements that said Tom was also responsible for making Fox’s Daredevil and Die Hard‘s later series into PG-13 ratings. He was also reported in having a hand in killing off characters in X-Men: The Last Stand. And last, but not least, he was also reported in having a major role in the cancellation of Firefly.

I’m not exactly sure what is in store for the future of Sony’s Picture Group, but maybe stern financial management is what Mr. Rothman was hired for. However given the track record that he has left behind, especially if he has a disdain for comic book movies, I really really hope and pray Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige doesn’t get strong-armed when it comes to the involvement of Spider-Man in the MCU. If it does come to that, I hope Marvel backs out of the joint venture with Sony. A person who doesn’t have 100% passion and respect to bring these superheroes on screen should NOT be working alongside with Kevin Feige, James Gunn, or anyone else at Marvel Studios, which is a company built on comic books.


Source: VarietyCosmic Book News

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