Naruto art exhibit to open in Tokyo and Osaka



With the Naruto manga finally finished and the anime about to follow suit, it seems that people still can’t get enough of Naruto. Now there will be an art exhibit to sate your hunger for more. And there will be a sneak peek event next week.

The exhibit will take place in Tokyo and Osaka. It will open to the public on April 25th at the Tokyo Mori Arts Center Gallery, which will have over 150 art pieces showcased at the event. Along with drawn art pieces, there will be famous scenes from the anime and manga turned into three dimensional art. There will also be a video shown only at the event.

All patrons going to the exhibit will receive a free 19-page Naruto Exhibit Guest book with Naruto cover drawn by Kishimoto Sensei. If you purchase a premium ticket (extra $0.85), you will also get another 19-page Naruto Exhibit Premium Guest book with Sasuke cover. These are both non-serialized. You can buy advanced tickets starting now until April 24th at Lawsons and Mini Stop stores.


The souvenir store will also be selling goods related to Naruto such as phone straps, fans, backpacks, bags, shirts, and many others. The Tokyo part of the exhibit is open from April 25-June 28 and then heads to Osaka Culturarium at Tempozan from July 18-September 27. Prices will range from 600 Yen-2,000 Yen (currently at roughly $5-$17 USD).


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