Guess who’s coming to Mortal Kombat X?


Fight. Fatality. Flawless Victory. These are words made infamous by the ever-popular Mortal Kombat video game franchise since its inception in 1992. We got an absolutely gory, deliciously brutal revival in 2011, and now we’re getting its tenth entry in 2015. And with it comes a few faces, new, old, and maybe…borrowed?

We already know that it’s very likely that Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn may be a playable character. Now according to rumors from IGN, Predator will be coming to the epic game series as well, along with Al Dillon, played by Carl Weathers in the first film. This comes after Ed Boon retweeted a fan’s suggestion about Predator coming along with Jason Vorhees as DLC for the game. He had also dropped several Predator-related hints on his Twitter feed. But that’s not all…

Other sources indicate other possible fighters who may show up including Pinhead from “Hellraiser,” Ash from the Evil Dead Series and Frank the Bunny from “Donnie Darko.” Of course, these are all rumors and none of these have OFFICIALLY been confirmed, including Spawn, which was given the green light from MacFarlane.

It’s not so far-fetched to think ANY of these characters would be included, especially since MK9 DID include Freddy Krueger as a DLC fighter. But Netherrealm Studios would have to get the green light from the other companies who own these characters, and that’s a LOT of royalties to pay out. I guess we’ll see what happens when the Tournament begins.

Mortal Kombat X hits store shelves this April.

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