NeoGAF to give away free copies of ‘There Came an Echo’ for 48 hours

there came an echo

If you’re like me, you tend to spend a lot of time looking for Steam sales and deals and by a stroke of luck, I happened to find this post on NeoGAF.

“Upon the Steam release of There Came an Echo (which should be sometime around noon on February 24th), I will be giving away a free copy to every single member of this forum who claims a code in the next 48 hours,” says the poster by the name of Feep.

What follows in his post is an explanation as to why:

You guys just playing my game at all means a lot to me, and I owe GAF a lot. I got my start in development thanks to a NeoGAF thread! It’s a fantastic community, and I’m proud to be a part of it. These days, though, NeoGAF is a little more than that. NeoGAF gets callouts at E3. It has hundreds of members of the enthusiast press and development community, and still thousands more who read it daily. Almost everyone in the industry knows what it is.

Steam isn’t quite the walled garden it used to be, and getting noticed as an indie is getting progressively more and more difficult. So, I’m taking a calculated risk. I’m giving the game to a ton of people who I think will talk about it, share it, make YouTube videos about it, whatever. I’m trying to get a whole forum to help, thousands of people, because I think there are very few forces in the industry as influential on a grassroots level. Of course, the game has to be cool, too, but don’t worry. It absolutely is. 😉

And it’s not like I’m actually losing a hundred thousand dollars, I’m only losing whatever sales I would have made naturally to NeoGAF members who would have bought the game of their own volition…and even then, I think I can more than make that up. Steam codes are free to generate and distribute. The economics of the past do not apply.”

So if you’re a member of NeoGAF, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions to get your key:

If you’d like a key for the game, make a post in this thread *****WITH A TITLE*****. I don’t care what the title is, just use one. Don’t claim more than one copy! You may, of course, give or gift the key to a friend.”

Not sure about you, but it’s kind of a rare thing for anyone, let alone the developer of the game itself to just go out and give away tons of copies to random people. So if you’re curious about the game or just want to get a copy just for shits and giggles, head to the post and claim your copy!

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