Rock Band coming to PS4 and Xbox One?


Remember Rock Band? Remember how everybody and their moms got the game and the accessories including guitars, drums and microphone? Just as quickly as the game rose to fame, it quickly disappeared from people’s radar. Now we have news that the former popular game is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, according to Bloomberg.

The site talks about the music-rhythm genre and the rise and fall of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. In addition to that, a person close to the project said that they are indeed working on a new Rock Band game for the eighth-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

“Speculation regarding another Rock Band title began after Harmonix released two add-on songs for Rock Band 3 on Tuesday. The game maker also sent out a poll in January, surveying consumer interest in an updated Rock Band for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

Doug Creutz, an analyst for Cowen & Co., said that the reason why people stopped playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero games was because they simply were done with it.

“After a while, people got tired of it,” … “I don’t think they stopped gaming — a lot went to Facebook and mobile.”

Would you like to see the return of Rock Band?

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