Nightcrawler director slams super hero movies?

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Nightcrawler is an Oscar-nominated flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a shady freelance videographer for the news. During the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards, the film’s director, Dan Gilroy, reveals to the public that independent films aren’t going to be affected by super hero films. His film, Nightcrawler, won for Best First Feature, and his acceptance speech makes it seem like super hero movies are a bad thing.

“Independent film, the foundation and everybody here today, I think are holdouts against a tsunami of superhero movies that have swept over this industry. We have survived and we have thrived and I think that’s true spirit.”

Perhaps he’s just happy to know that independent movies need not worry about super hero movies? Then again, he used the word “tsunami,” and that could mean that super hero movies are destructive in his point of view. Well, you can take it as an attack against super hero films, or as indie films staying relevant during these times.

Gilroy has written a screenplay based on Stan Lee’s comic, The Annihilator. He’s also married to Rene Russo, who starred as Frigga in Marvel’s Thor series.

Check out his acceptance speech below.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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