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Warning: Contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Black Sails



The last word said by Captain Flint in last week’s episode as the sun touched the sky with no signs of Captain Charles Vane leaving Hornigold’s fort. Tonight’s episode of Black Sails “XIII” has Captain Flint armed with a Spanish warship ready to destroy Hornigold’s fort. As mentioned earlier in the season, Flint will do what’s necessary to ensure their plan to steal the gold from the Urca de Loma. At the same time, we are treated with more flashbacks of Flint and Miranda Barlow and seeing what leads to their exile.

In last week’s episode, Flint sees Vane controlling Horingold’s fort as a risk toward their plan and the episode starts with him firing against that same fort. Despite the several pleas he received, he moves forward with his attack. Charles Vane, on the other hand, is hidden deep in the fort laying low. Without a true counterattack, he tells his crew to move Abigail Ashe back to her cell (out of harms way) and departs while stating his intention of killing Flint, stopping the assault permanently.


The people of Nassau continue to live their daily life with the cannons firing above their heads. With a new crew, Jack Rackman sits designing his new flag as Captain of his ship. While the fort is under assault, Jack informs the quartermaster of his new crew that they must sail when the dust clears. Before sailing, he’s told that the articles need to be finalized, though Jack is fine with the draft articles, the crew is not without changes. Anne Bonny interrupts their discussions with the quartermaster stating the changes to the articles can wait, though when they do meet, the crew only wants one of the two females getting a share. Meanwhile, John Silver continues with the old boatswain Billy, who has washed up from being thrown from the ship. Trying to ensure Flint remains a captain, he pushes into revealing what Billy intends to tell his crew of what happened that night. Seeing no other options, he releases Billy hoping he keeps quiet.

On land, Flint prepares for his assault on the fort to remove Vane. While preparing, he runs into Miranda as she pleas with Flint to stop the assault. In a room alone together, Miranda confronts Flint with the truth of his assault and his quest for the gold. Informing him of a way to receive his pardon and return to London, she tells of Vane’s prisoner, Abigail Ashe, daughter of Peter Ashe, to which he can return her home and receive his pardon. Flint reminds her of 4 people being hanged by Peter Ashe for carrying pirated goods and he and his crew would receive the same fate.


A flashback shows Miranda and Flint exiled from London. The build up from previous episodes show Flint as an officer of the Royal Navy. Befriending Thomas Hamilton, they work together to end the piracy in the Bahamas and reclaim New Providence. The tension is shown between Miranda, Thomas’ wife, and Flint to an eventual affair, but the true affair and reason for exile is revealed. Alfred Hamilton, Thomas’ father, reveals the affair having Flint discharged from the Royal Navy. Miranda and Flint were to leave London while Thomas was committed to an asylum, having gone mad from the affair between his best friend and wife. The flashback shows Miranda claiming that’s the story people will know.

While trying to convince Flint of stopping the assault and gaining his pardon, Miranda tries to find his true reasoning. Seeing the only way to gain his pardon by seizing the gold and removing Vane from the fort, Flint remains unmoved. Visibly shaken, Miranda rebukes Flint’s claim for sailing in Thomas’ name but in reality fights for feeling ashamed, not of the affair between Miranda and himself, but for loving Thomas. The affair turns out to be between Thomas and Flint, which has Thomas committed by his father and Flint and Miranda being exiled. Trying to save face of the family name, Alfred Hamilton proclaims the story of Miranda and Flint’s affair and his son gone mad.


By the time the affair is revealed, Vane catches Flint off-guard and attempts to kill him. This episode really shows an emotional Flint, almost down to tears at the loss of his best friend and lover. Knowing now that Flint is gay, or bi, explains a lot throughout the series, like his hesitation to show affection to Miranda, even during intimacy. Though we know now what led to their exile, we are still left to see what led Flint to piracy. Is it revenge against Alfred Hamilton or an attempt at receiving a pardon and back into the Royal Navy? Flint is close to the Spanish gold with only Vane in his way. Jack is captain of a ship and crew and ready to sail but his relationship is being tested given that Anne Bonny won’t sail with them. Alliances have been tested throughout the series and this episode is no different. This season is turning out great with many unexpected events and consequences that remain to be unseen.

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