Neptune Duo: A revolution in the Smart Watch?

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Timing is everything. As the market for wearable technology increases, so do the standards of innovation. We already have the Pebble as well as the Galaxy Gear, and now we have a little slice of Canadian ingenuity: The Neptune Duo.

Whereas most smartphone wearables are extensions of your device, the main idea behind the Duo is to focus on the importance of the wristband as a stand-alone device, while the Pocket phone is simply an added screen. Although you would most likely prefer to play games and watch videos on your Pocket screen, your important data and contacts would all be stored on the 64GB HD on your wrist. If you forget your phone at home, no problem- as your “Hub” can simply sync with another Pocket screen. The Pocket screen would also double as an external battery for your smart bracelet, the two combining for a 3,800 mAh capacity. The device would also run off of a quad-core processor and the Android Lollipop OS, providing users with a synonymous experience to their latest smartphones.

Hub & Pocket screen - Industrial Design

The Neptune Duo is the brain child of soon-to-be 21-year-old Simon Tian of Brossard,QC, who is more than likely asked as many questions about his age as he is his product. Tian first got into the tech wearables field at the age of 18 with the Neptune Pine, which has sold over 8,000 units and counting.

While the product seems unique in its purpose, it will be coming up against an already saturated market and some heavy hitters. Not only is there a plethora of fitness tracking bracelets, but companies such as Sony, Samsung, and soon Apple are all joining the fray.

Will this new device step up to the plate or go the way of the once innovative Blackberry and sadly fall into obscurity? Once the device drops in the fall of 2015, only time will tell.

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