Big Hero 6’s Ryan Potter wants to play Spider-Man

ryan potter spider-man dick grayson

If you’ve seen Disney’s Big Hero 6, then you may recognize Ryan Potter’s voice. He portrayed Hiro, the child genius who helped save his city from evil. Now what’s next for the young actor? Perhaps playing Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe or Dick Grayson in TNT’s Titans?

During an interview with Nuke the Fridge, Potter was asked whether he’d like to play Spider-Man.

“Absolutely!” Potter replied. “You know someone started a Twitter feed saying ‘Ryan Potter would be perfect for Spider-Man,’ I was like OH! – We know how it went over with Donald Glover (Laughs.) Let’s not start this! So you know, I definitely think there is more room for Asian American Superheroes. Chadwick Boseman being cast as Black Panther is an absolute perfect fit. Seeing what a big success Big Hero 6 was I think there’s room for diversity in the Superhero world.”

It’s cool to see Potter knowing about Donald Glover’s Spider-Man campaign and Boseman playing Black Panther. He also insisted that he wants to see an Asian American Dick Grayson.

“You know Teen Titans is being cast right now and seeing an Asian American Dick Grayson will be phenomenal. Not necessarily myself but maybe Booboo Stewart, Brandon Soo Hoo, or another Asian American would be great!”

I enjoyed Potter as Hiro. Since he has a martial arts background, I think he’ll be great for a super hero role, somewhere out there. Would you like to see him as Asian Spider-Man or Robin?

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