NBC’s Constantine isn’t canceled…yet


NBC’s Constantine hasn’t been the greatest in terms of ratings. It still has enough to make the network care, so we may possibly see a second season. The decision won’t be made until May, but the series’ showrunner, Daniel Cerone, is hoping that their pitch will convince them to go ahead with another season.

Constantine did not get a back nine order (that’s when a network orders the full 22-episode season), and that had fans worrying about the fate of the show. However, the show still aired at its regular time slot. That’s some good news, since other shows that aren’t doing well gets moved to another night, and some don’t even have the chance for air time.

So what can fans do to help? Cerone tells them that they should check out the remaining episodes of the show either on Hulu or the official NBC site. As of now, the last five episodes are available.

Are you hoping Constantine would get a second season?

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