Does Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick want to play Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick is currently starring in History’s Vikings. She has a background in martial arts and is a very beautiful woman. This combination has already made her one of the top picks to play Captain Marvel for Marvel Studios’ first female-led film.

During an interview with IGN, Winnick talks about her role in the third season of Vikings.

When asked if she would like to play a superhero, she replied, “I would love to. Oh wow, there’s so many. I’m such a fan of comic books. I grew up reading them; they were my idols. Like, these characters came to life for me! I don’t think there’s one in particular, but I would love to play an action hero.”

She adds, “If Marvel calls, yes, I will pick up the phone!” Captain Marvel was brought up and she smiles.

Would you like to see Katheryn Winnick as Captain Marvel?

Source: IGN Movies

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