Neill Blomkamp to develop new Alien movie for Fox


I guess if you campaign hard enough then eventually you will get what you want. Back in January, Neill Blomkamp revealed concept art on a secret Alien project that was presumably dead. How times have changed in just a month as tonight Blomkamp revealed this image on his Instagram with the caption: “Um… So I think it’s officially my next film. #alien”.


Indeed Alien will be Blomkamp’s next film as Variety has revealed that Fox has closed a deal with the director to develop a new Alien movie. Variety’s source also say that Blomkamp’s Alien movie will be separate from the Prometheus sequel that Fox is still making with Ridley Scott. It’s unclear whether or not Scott or Weaver is attached to the project, but Blomkamp is hoping that Sigourney Weaver hops on the project.

Blomkamp’s next film, Chappie, is set to release on March 6th.

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