5 Things Missing from SNL 40

The SNL 40th anniversary episode aired this past weekend, and here’s our list of things missing from the show.

snl robert downey jr

Robert Downey Jr.

Regarded as one of the worst SNL cast members in the history of the show according to some people (*cough*Rolling Stone*cough*), RDJ was nowhere to be seen at SNL 40. Tim Meadows, at one point holding up a copy of Rolling Stone, took a jab at Robert, which could have worked its way into a great bit. It’s unlikely RDJ snubbed the event due to hard feelings, as he did return to host the show 10 years after his season as a cast member. Given Downey’s spike in popularity as of late and amazing wit, it’s a sad thing that his talents were not utilized.

rob schneider nbc105-9-15-98-snl

Rob Schneider

Although he was at the event, the absence of Schneider during the actual show was pretty disappointing; they even gave airtime to David Spade and the Total Bastard Airlines sketch. No appearance from the Richmeister, or even the Sensitive Naked Man! Maybe one of SNL’s more under-appreciated cast members, it would have been nice to see Mr. Scheider get a little TV time.

SNL_0352_01_Cold_Open_Julia Louis Dreyfus

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Although she wasn’t around for an extremely long time, Julia Louis Dreyfus was a solid SNL cast member who has budded into an amazingly successful actress. Her appearance on stage was all but a sure thing when Jerry Seinfeld took the stage and shared some banter with Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, yet fans like me were left hanging. It was still a great bit and all, but just knowing the shot was there and the trigger wasn’t pulled made for a serious tease.

Chris Kattan And Will Ferrell snl

Chris Kattan And Will Ferrell Reunion

During the ’90s era of Saturday Night Live, you would be hard pressed to find a funnier duo than Kattan and Ferrell. From the Mr. Peepers sketches to the Roxbury guys, they were the ultimate Straight-man/Banana-Man Duo. Will Ferrell’s specialty on SNL was making everyone around him funnier, especially Chris Kattan. It wasn’t until after his tenure on Saturday Night Live that Will Ferrell deservedly blew up into a comedy superstar. Will got his time to shine reprising his Alex Trebek role, so it’s understandable that it must have been at the expense of seeing a Kattan/Ferrell classic rebooted…

eddie murphy snl

Eddie Murphy being funny

The most anticipated guest of SNL 40 was undoubtedly comedy legend Eddie Murphy. The man credited with single-handedly carrying the show through some of its darker years had not made his way back to studio 8H in over 30 years. On alleged bad terms, he has not hosted the show since the ’80s, and fans were shocked to hear that he was going to actually show up to the 40th anniversary. After an amazing heartfelt speech from Chris Rock, Eddie finally took the stage… and after about 60 seconds of mumbling and a botched throw to commercial it was all over. Now I wasn’t expecting a character or anything, but maybe a quip? Maybe a bit with Jay Pharaoh who does an awesome Eddie Murphy expression? Hopefully it’s just baby steps and soon Eddie will return to host the show that made him a superstar in the coming years.

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