Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: Days of Future Past were to have two different Wolverines


Matthew Vaughn was originally supposed to direct an X-Men film after X-Men: First Class. However, he went on to direct Kingsman: The Secret Service instead. (Check out our review here.) Taking his spot as director was Bryan Singer with X-Men: Days of Future Past, who many fans and critic thought did a great job.

What was Vaughn’s version going to be like? His idea was to have a new actor for young Wolverine and Hugh Jackman as the older Wolverine, and having Days of Future Past be the closing to the new X-Men trilogy. In an interview with MTV, the director reveals all.

“I had a whole different idea of how X-Men should go. I thought Days of Future Past should be the next one and be set in the ‘80s. So, when I wrote the treatment, I then wrote Kingsman and got confused about which film I should direct next. The I said to Fox, ‘Let me do Kingsman now, get somebody else in and we’ll do the ‘70s version, recast Wolverine, and then we do Days of Future Past with the new Wolverine and Hugh, and make it the biggest spectacle we’ve ever seen.”

Singer’s version that we have now had Hugh Jackman playing young and old Wolverine. It makes sense since the mutant hardly ages, and if you remember, Wolverine still looked the same during World War II in The Wolverine, so having a younger actor would have been weird.

The third of the new trilogy, X-Men: Apocalypse, hits theaters on May 27, 2016. Kingsman: The Secret Service is now available in theaters.

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