Invader Zim comic coming soon?!


Invader Zim was a popular Nickelodeon cartoon in the early 2000s created by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac artist and writer Jhonen Vasquez. The series lasted only two seasons before it was unceremoniously cancelled. Nevertheless, Invader Zim would go on to become a cult hit, creating a huge fanbase.

Recently comic book publisher Oni Press released a teaser for an announcement scheduled to be revealed on the 20th of this month. Many believe that this is a tease for an upcoming announcement that Jhonen has been working on, a new comic series of Invader Zim. It also doesn’t help that Jhonen himself retweeted the post.

The first thing I noticed was that the font is exactly the same as the one used in the show. Even the word “Doom” seems to be reference. Like Gir’s infamous “Doom Song.” It could also be reference to “Operation Impending Doom,” where Zim originally screwed up The Tallest’s plans to take over the galaxy. There was a plan for “Operation Impending Doom II,” but it never happened because the series was cancelled.

There was something else that seemed familiar and I couldn’t quite figure it out. So I took some time digging through some photos until I realized that the image looks like it appears on Zim’s big monitor in his underground lair.

Invader Zim Comic
The lines in the back of the image are not just random textures, but looks to be scan lines from a television.

Of course, this could all be just a coincidence, but if you remember back in 2010 there was a rumor that the show was going to be coming back because of how well the DVDs and the merchandise sold. Whatever was planned ultimately fell through, but Jhonen did publicly say that he still wanted to do something with Zim.

“Honestly, I’d love working on newer ideas for different shows, but that place in my head that wants to take those old characters to new places and torture the hell out of them just a bit more. I can’t help but be a bit sad to see the lights dim on that world just a bit.”

There were rumors that Jhonen and Nickolodeon were not on the best of terms after the show went off the air. However, recently fellow Invader Zim writer Eric Trueheart said that Jhonen had been seen around the Nickolodeon offices, implying that that things have smoothed over between the two parties.

Will we see new adventures for Invader Zim and Gir? We will find out the truth when it is revealed on February 20th.

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