Hawkeye’s Matt Fraction matching donations in 50 Shades protest

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Anyone familiar with the past few years of Marvel comics has come across Matt Fraction’s run of Hawkeye at some point. The series is easily one of the best comics in recent memory with unique storytelling and an approach to Clint Barton that made audiences fall in love with the coffee loving, dog saving, technologically inept archer. Cries from fandom to bring more of “Fraction’s Clint Barton” to the Marvel cinematic universe in Jeremy Renner’s portrayal of the character have been loud and clear. And Fraction, who’s also the mind behind Sex Criminals, Satellite Sam, and Casanova, is no stranger to just how popular his version of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (that’s the other Hawkeye) have become.

The weekend, Fraction will be using the popularity of his Hawkeye series to forward a social cause and protest the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. For the last year and a half, Fraction has been donating the money earned from his We Love Fine commissions to Futures Without Violence, a charity dedicated to ending domestic violence, every quarter. Ending at midnight tonight, Fraction will be matching donations that come from the purchase of his Hawkeye merchandise on We Love Fine and donating all the proceeds to Futures Without Violence.

Fraction explained his motivations on his blog, stating, “So there’s a movie out this weekend based on books that romanticize, fetishize, glamorize and normalize abusive relationships. It will make 85 million dollars at the box office and move hundreds of millions of dollars of candy, soda, and cash-in branded merch.

And while sex is great and finding someone into all the stuff you’re into is great, sex is not consent to violence, a relationship is not permission to abuse, and there are thousands of women and children who have to deal with that fundamental and erroneous misconstruing of truth and wild misinterpretation of love every day.

So, thinking of that film and the violence it is going to inspire and normalize – and I’m talking about straight-up abuse, not a proclivity for bdsm – between the millions and millions of dollars it’ll earn made me a little sick to think about and I wanted to do something so I didn’t feel so useless and hopeless.”

As of his most recent update on his website, Fraction will already be donating $2055 to Futures Without Violence thanks to over 411 orders being places. He continued to write, “HURT MY PAYCHECK to help FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE! I HAVE NO SAFE WORD! THERE IS NO STOPPING this ridiculous idea!” He went on to tag the post with “#F*ck Fifty Shades.”

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