Do you want TCG Cards with your own Pokémon illustration?

Pokemon Art Academy 02Have you become a master at Pokémon Art Academy? Have you ever wanted to be an illustrator and have your work appear as one of your TCG cards? Well, the next few weeks may just be your time to show off those awesome drawing skills. The Pokémon company and Nintendo are inviting trainers to enter in their Pokémon drawings to the international Pokémon Art Academy Competition.

The competition starts February 18th and will end March 29th. The winners will be announced sometime in April. To enter the contest, fire up your 3DS as entries will be accepted by Miiverse. Winners will have their art on what will be their very own TCG card. Not only that but they will receive 100 copies of the card. Talk about limited edition!

Let’s go over what you’ll need to know about the competition.

First you have two different categories you can choose from. The first is Dress-Up Pikachu. In this category you will design your very own Pikachu costume. This is inspired by Pikachu in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire video games where Pikachu can dawn different costumes.

The second category is titled Your Favorite Pokémon. This gives trainers and artists alike the freedom to draw their favorite Pokémon in their own artistic form.

Six winners will be selected by a panel of some of the creators of the Pokémon universe. As stated before, the winners will receive 100 copies of TCG Cards with their Pokémon drawing. The winning drawing will not be re-printed at any time for public release. Another note would be that these cards would only be for show since they will not be eligible to take part in Pokémon officially sanctioned organized play events, Play!

So get in some practice or simply pick your best drawing and summit it starting February 18th. For more information and rules click on the source below.


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