Why the new League of Legends – Nemesis Draft mode is Riot’s first real failure


I’m not one to badmouth Riot per usual, since I’ve agreed with most of its additions to fort League of Legends. The newest patch, 5.3, allows players to solo or group queue for a new map mode called Nemesis Draft.

We’ve just cranked open the Featured Game Mode workshop and rolled out the team’s latest creation! This time, you’re picking your ENEMIES’ (we totally don’t expect you all to pick supports every game) champions before making the most of the champs and comps they pick out for you. Here are the main points:

You pick out your enemy team.

The champions you pick for your enemies will comprise your team’s combined champion pool.

Battle Boosts are back! (use a skin for that champion you hate, but are forced to play! This should be free in Nemesis mode, IMO)

We’ll wrap Nemesis Draft up on February 23, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to find your way around a whole bunch of new champs and comps!

Although the premise of picking your opponent’s team may seem enticing, unique or interesting even, just remember the community you’re dealing with. I still love every last one of you, no matter the raging or BM, but I’ve quickly realized we’re all salty bastards who force the other team to play Taric, every damn match.

So you may have guessed what’s been going on already if you’ve given this mode a shot. Of the matches I’ve played, 9/10 have been exclusively supports for myself and my team.

Nemesis League

The one match we weren’t all supports. I applaud them for trying something new, but I main Kalista.

While we’ve won these matches, playing low damage, high survivability and control champions every game is a tad annoying. Fortunately, my strategy going into this has been working. As picking high skill cap or outdated skillset champions is absolutely the best way to win Nemesis Draft. This has made me realize the major flaw in this mode.

Aside from playing support characters almost every game and having carried the only exception pretty hard, it’s evident which characters the community either dislikes or have been in dire need of a rework. So why release a map mode that highlights and forces players into experiencing the part of your game which is most flawed? It’s also evident that player harassment and AFKs are more prevalent as players won’t be attached or passionate about the character they’re playing. They may simply just dislike the character and don’t know how to catch up when behind.

Most unPopular picks/bans:

  • Taric (needs rework)
  • Evelynn (squishy, positioning can be tricky)
  • Alistar (“My bad, never played him before. Didn’t know you can push them over the wall”)
  • Urgot (needs rework)
  • Yorick (needs rework)
  • Elise
  • Azir (hard to play)
  • Soraka
  • Braum
  • (All Other Supports)

URF mode was Riot’s most glorious moment in unique gameplay. Nemesis Draft is quite the opposite. Not only was it a flawed concept from the start, but also enforces negative behavior in the community by forcing old, out of date champions onto weary players looking to relax with a fun game mode after stressful ranked matches. Lastly, if I have to hear “Gems, gems are truly, truly, outrageous” every second for another game, I’ll shoot myself.


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