Todd McFarlane will do a Reddit AMA today


Todd is very active on his Facebook account and just last week he asked his fans what they wanted MORE of, including a contest to win a signed Spawn #250. As expected many wanted to know more about the movie, more concept art, and also more fan interaction. So this week he is doing exactly that.

He’ll be interacting with his fans for an hour. Todd posted last night that he will be holding a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session at 3PM Mountain time/2PM PST/5PM EST. He will be on for an hour to answer any questions his fans may have.

With the recent tease of art from a Spawn animated film to news about the Spawn movie being one step closer to reality, I’m sure many fans will have questions regarding those. Of course there will be random questions people would like to know about Todd himself.

As a fan from the beginning, I will for sure try to get some time to send him questions.

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