League of Legends Lunar Revel 2015

It’s the Year of the Goat and this year, like every year during Chinese New Year, our friends at Riot Games released skins for some of our favorite characters based upon this theme. This year they have added 3 new character skins, 2 icons, and 1 ward skin.

You can buy the entire set for 2933 RP (5488 if you need the champions). This price only lasts until February 16th; after that the prices will go up 375 RP. In case you don’t want the bundle, the individual skins are on sale for 975 RP each. The details for the entire 2015 Lunar Revel and wallpapers for each character are available to download as wallpapers at http://promo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/lunar-revel-2015/ .

Firecracker_Jinx_Splash_1920x1080  WarringKingdoms_Nidalee_Splash_1920x1080WarringKingdoms_Katarina_Splash_1920x1080

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