These six should play Spider-Man


Let’s do a little logical thinking when it comes to which iteration of Spider-Man will and should be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have started to hear rumors that Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War. He was a central character in the comic arc, but he also had a huge part in the Avengers The Infinity Gauntlet story, so he could very well be in that instead. In “Civil War” we do know that Peter Parker was a little older, somewhere in his 20s, and we have already have two generations of Spider-Man origin story films.

Do we really need anymore? No, we don’t.

What would make the most sense would be to introduce him as one of the many, many people S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA were afraid of (as mentioned during Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as someone who already exists but is under the radar). This would make sense, since it’s never understood why he’s so special or why he gets to play with the big leagues in the many versions of the Spider-Man comics. So why not have a character who already exists in the world, and instead jump straight into the film as an already established hero? From here I would think it would be safe to place a version of Spider-Man who would be in his 20s, similar to his current age in the Earth-616 universe. We could go the complete opposite with Miles Morales, which I would like to see but not just yet.

From this speculation, I have placed my bets on potential candidates to play the beloved wall crawler, and want to see if you agree.


Dave Franco

Franco can play a 20 year old or play his current age of 29. He also knows how to be a comedic actor, which means he would have perfect comedic timing. The comedy and sarcasm from his past films would be helpful for the smart-mouthed Spider-Man, but would also allow him to be serious when it’s needed. He has also bulked up recently and is still lean enough to have the right build for Spider-Man. He’s big enough to be known, but not big enough to be out of budget. (Marvel has to save some money for the rest of the Avengers, especially Robert Downey Jr.)


Zac Efron

Here’s a household name who might make some of your frown at the thought. Sure he was in High School Musical, but who didn’t love his delivery in Neighbors? He also had a more serious role with the Human Torch and Reed Richards from the upcoming Fantastic Four in That Awkward Moment. It gives me hope that he could play a strong Peter Parker, especially since he has the build for it.


Taron Egerton

This might be a name you aren’t familiar with yet, but you will be after Kingsman: The Secret Service blows your mind like it did to many of us here at Nerd Reactor. Taron has the look, acting chops, and that nerdy type of charm that we are used to from Peter Parker.


Donald Glover

Another fan-favorite, and no he doesn’t have to play Miles Morales. Besides having Russian spy parents, Peter Parker’s color has never been a huge factor or affected his performance at all when it comes to saving the world. We already know fans have been pushing for this move, but hopefully everyone can be on-board with this so that he doesn’t have to face the same criticism that Michael B. Jordan faced when he was cast as Johnny Storm for the new Fantastic Four.

logan lerman fury

Logan Lerman

You might know him from the Percy Jackson films or from his more serious role in the David Ayer’s Fury. This guy can definitely act, and he has successful films in his trail to be someone that Marvel might be willing to invest in. He has been a clear front-runner since rumors of replacing Andrew Garfield started, and could definitely do this role justice.

odd-thomas-trailer anton yelchin

Anton Yelchin

We know him from Star Trek and a few other films, but did you know he already worked with Robert Downey Jr. in Charlie Bartlett? He could definitely be a contender since RDJ’s influence on decisions and investments in the MCU has been nearly as big as Marvel’s.

after earth jaden smith

Jaden Smith

I am definitely kidding. Could you imagine his tweets? “Spider-Man spins webs…much like the atoms we can’t see because we are blind.”

Now who do you think should play Spider-Man? Do you agree with us or think we are as crazy as the Superhuman Registration Act?

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