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(Waring: Contains Spoilers)

The last episode was Season 5’s mid-season premiere of AMC’s massive hit show, The Walking Dead. The new episode turned out to be doozie as one of its main character ceremoniously exited the show. Of course, we’re talking about the death of Tyreese.

Tyreese’s passing was the main focal point of the episode and served for the base for how the episode played out. In a recent interview, Tyreese actor Chad L. Coleman revealed that he knew three episodes prior to the mid-season premiere that his character would be on his way out.

Scott Gimple, our fearless mad genius showrunner, called me up and said, “Hey, Chad, it’s midseason and I’m kind of checking in with everybody. Can you come by?” I said, “Scott, I’m kinda busy, I just had a new son.” He said, “Everybody’s coming by, please come see me.” So I went in and sat down and he said, “Well, the time has come for Tyreese.” I laughed and said, “Scott, stop playing, stop playing.” Then he teared up, literally, and I thought, “OK, this is real” and I said “wow, wow, wow” about 25,000 times.

After that I needed time to put it all in perspective. I felt like I’d done some wonderful work on the show and been a part of “The Grove” episode (when Carol killed Lizzie), which to me was really bold, groundbreaking TV. I needed to be OK with (leaving the show) right away, that’s just me. I don’t want to keep fighting it or resist. I’ve seen others, no negativity intended, struggle with it. I didn’t want to be that guy. I took a cue from Scott Wilson and David Morrissey — classy, that’s how I went at it.

Scott (Gimple) and I hugged. I think I did shed a bit of a tear. We had a sentimental moment. And he began to tell me how this episode was going to close out. I knew right then this dude loves this character. If you don’t know who Tyreese is by the time this episode is done you just don’t want to know him.

To be fair Tyreese’s time on the show was much longer than his run in the comic books. In the comics, Tyreese was actually killed at the prison by The Govenor.

During the interview Chad acknowledged that his role in the TV series and the role Tyreese played in the comic were very different. He believes that this may have to do with the inclusion of the completely original TV series character Daryl Dixion. Daryl was never a character in the comic books and is in some ways the spiritual successor of Tyreese as Rick’s right-hand man.

I think they saw this big guy has an incredible wealth of vulnerability and that’s really compelling. I got love for the comic book Tyreese but the TV Tyreese — whenever you get guys who are pretty much geniuses at human behavior and you give them a second pass at a phenomenal character, that’s an awesome opportunity. That being said, there was no Daryl in the graphic novel. Daryl is pretty much (Tyreese), so they had to do something different anyway.

Though Coleman is no longer part of the show, he maintains that he is still a fan and is interested in seeing where the show goes on from here.

Source: Variety

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