The Escapists review – Escaping prisons

2015-02-08_00001At first sight The Escapists looks like something straight out of the ’90s 8-bit era, but you’ll find out soon enough that the game’s depth more than makes up for the lack of graphics in this prison break puzzler.


The Escapists has you playing an inmate in one of the six prisons, each with varying difficulties. From minimum security to prisoner of war, the game challenges you to be creative in the way you make your escape from each prison. It drops you in this world with a small tutorial, but beyond that it doesn’t hold your hand. Getting a feel of your environment is key to hatching your plan, and the routine of everyday prison life like morning roll call or daily jobs gives you a more of a immersive feeling as you hatch your scheme.


You’ll use a plethora of items in your plot to escape, obtaining them either by purchasing said items from other inmates or just stealing them, I mean you are a criminal. Everything is a tool in this crafting game. What you may think is useless on its own becomes important to the grand design of things. Doing things like bleaching your clothes then dying them in black ink to create a guard’s uniform is one of the many ways to advance your escape. Weapons can be fashioned out of things as simple as combs, but to get a better weapons, combining things like a sock and soap to make a mace, will be more effective. Thinking outside the box is the name of the game.


Your character will need to be in top form to escape, and the game has provided ways for you to improve yourself in preparation of your escape. Building stats like , strength, intelligence, speed, will get you farther along in the escape much quicker. Even the opinion of others matter. Simply giving inmates gifts or completing favors can have inmates follow you, and even fight by your side. The flip side to that is if you ever get on the wrong side of people or neglect working out, you’ll find it a little more difficult to see you plan become successful.

There are plenty of ways to escape which makes for a game you can replay several times. With the promise of updates like new items and new jobs, The Escapists will have you in jail for a long time, but in a good way.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

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