Fans are upset that Marvel made them watch The View

ELISABETH HASSELBECK,ROSIE O'DONNELL, BARBARA WALTERS, JOY BEHARYesterday, Marvel made a big announcement that they would be unveiling something big for the upcoming Secret Wars live on The View.

Marvel is excited to announce that on Friday, February 6, at 11AM EST, as part of Marvel’s mega-event, Secret Wars, it will be announcing its latest game-changing title live on the Emmy-Winning, daily talk show “The View”.

Today’s show came and went without one single mention of Marvel or the Secret Wars.

Marvel was quick to find another outlet for their A-Force announcement about half way through the show, but many fans still sat through the entire show for an announcement that never came.

There is still no word why the segment was bumped off the show. From what it appears, it was replaced with Crafting with Martha Stewart.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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