Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode 2 ‘The Lost Lords’ review


Watch out for spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished the first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones.

We just got our hands on the new episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. When we last left off, Ramsey Snow killed Ethan Forrester and stationed Whitehill soldiers inside Ironrath to ensure their full cooperation of the Forresters. “The Lost Lords” opens with the discovery that their son, Rodrik, is still alive and by some miracle survived the “Red Wedding.” While the family rejoices for Rodrik’s return, their celebration is short-lived due to the unwanted presence of the Whitehills inside their gates. Now Rodrik and his family must find a way to take back their home and rid themselves of the Whitehills.

Telltale’s new episode includes new addition of Rodrik and continues to follow the story of Gerad Tuttle and Mira Forrester. Gerad has finally made his way to Castle Black and in this episode he will meet John Snow. Mira continues to assist Lady Margaery in the hopes that her service will help aid her family back in Ironrath. This episode also introduces Asher Forrester, the exiled older brother. Malcom Branfield has traveled to Essos to find Asher in the hopes he can convince him to come home. While on paper it appears that this episode has a lot going for it, I actually find it to be the weakest out of all of Telltale’s episodes I have experienced.

I’ve played a lot of Telltale games and I have replayed many of their episodes. Having said that I don’t want you to take away from this that it is a bad game. There’s just not enough that happens in it to really talk about.

03Rodrik returns to the state his house was already in. In his current condition Rodrik is too banged up to do anything against the Whitehills. His addition to the story more or less just adds to the backstory of the Forresters. Mira once again seeks the help of Margaery only to be turned down again. Gerad goes through the paces of being initiated into the Nightswatch and meets some new friends. Asher agrees to help his family only to leave Essos to look for Daenerys. In the end this episode is more of a setup for future episodes. There are a few intense moments like where Mira must fend off Damien in the courtyard, but for the most part this episode is pretty tame compared to the first one.

My only major gripe with “The Lost Lords” is how distracting the graphics can look. Now I know it’s become a norm to not expect the best graphics out of Telltale games, but I just don’t remember them ever looking this bad. While it seems that Telltale is going for a oil-painting type look, the application to the 3D objects looks more like a glitch than intended art style. Even the characters themselves suffer from fuzzy textures from time to time. I also experienced a glitch in the beginning of the game when Rodrik wakes up in the back of a horse-drawn wagon. Surrounded by corpses, Rodrik turns over one of the corpse to reveal the carcass of his deceased father. Sadly Gergor Forresters character model was completely black and unidentifiable.

Aside from the graphics, Episode Two is not horrible. I just wished more happened to keep me interested, but it is a necessary game to play to introduces fan to the new characters we will undoubtedly see in future episodes.

 Rating: 3/5 Atoms
NR 3 Atoms - C


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