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For long-time fans of Star Wars, especially those invested in the lore of the Expanded Universe, it is a non-issue whether the Stortroopers seen in the original trilogy (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) were clones or people. Prior to George Lucas‘ prequel trilogy, it has been recognized that stormtroopers were composed of individuals from various star systems that have gone to the Imperial Academy. Han Solo was one of those who attended the Imperial Academy in that galaxy far, far away.

Stormtroopers were predominantly human, the racism enforced by the Emperor was created to be synonymous to emulate the standards set forth by Nazi Germany, making it easy to render the Galactic Empire as a menace to society. While it could be argued that the clones are human, thus legitimizing the notion that clones are stormtroopers, this would render the need for conscription unnecessary. When the prequel trilogy introduced the clone army, these clone troopers left a strong impression to newer fans of the Star Wars franchise, especially when most of the Expanded Universe has its lore expanded through the Clone Wars TV series. The emphasis of the Clone Troopers in various media dominates the perception of fans through casual viewing of the original trilogy.

In light of the new trilogy and the reveal of The Force Awakens, there seems to be a group of fans out there who have found displeasure in John Boyega‘s casting as a Stormtrooper, using it as a platform to state lore inconsistency. As series director of Star Wars Rebels,┬áDave Filoni states that the clones are old and retired by the time A New Hope arrives [Hitflix]. Additionally, Donna Dickens over at Yahoo! has noted in the A New Dawn book that a female stormtrooper is referenced.

Despite much of the Expanded Universe being rendered to Legends (thus removing it from canon), current creators for the franchise are maintaining the ideas established in the original trilogy concerning conscription by the Galactic Empire. Ultimately stormtroopers being conscripted humans and not clones of Jango Fett stays canon.

Source: Yahoo TV

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