Pokémon Trainers, support your team and win a trip to Hawaii

Pokemon Primal ClashRight now Trainers can go online and vote for one of two teams, Team Magma or Team Aqua. Your votes will help determine the visual design of the site by displaying more of the team signature color. Will you support Team Magma for their expansion of land? Or will you support Team Aqua and help them cover the world with water?

Your votes will also make you eligible to win TCG products, plush, and more from the Pokémon Center. If you want to better your odds at winning the grand prize, get your friends to vote too! Trainers will receive extra entries into the grand prize drawing if they get their friends to register for the sweepstakes. So tell your friends and tell your friend’s friend to vote.

One lucky random Trainer will receive a six-night vacation for four to Honolulu, Hawaii. What’s included in this package you say? Well your airfare, hotel, car rental, and much more. This sounds amazing and you should click HERE to get more information.

Before you go, I have one more Pokémon announcement. On February 7th Cartoon Network will have a special Pokémon marathon. You’ll get to see Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, also special episodes featuring Mega Evolution, and lastly never-before-seen episodes from the TV series’ newest season. Finally if you don’t have it already you can get the Pokémon TV mobile app for all the latest Pokémon animation episodes.

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