Jada’s top 5 anticipated games of February 2015

resident evil revelations 2

February is a month when we celebrate many, many things. While this month is important for Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and multiple president’s birthdays, it also has a pretty sweet lineup of games coming out this year. We have everything including classics being remastered, new IPs, and games often seen as plagued with “sequelitus.” As much as gamers around the world would love to play all of them, this simply just is not the reality we live in. I have picked out my top 5 for February that I think will shine above the rest. See how my list stacks up to yours.

5.)  Resident evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 & 2

Episodic gameplay is one of the biggest trends in gaming right now, and where there is a trend that is making money, you can bet your last dollar that Capcom will try to capitalize on it. This time it’s with their ever popular Resident Evil Franchise. While the game has been criticized for use of microtransactions, Capcom has gone on record that these are only in supplemental ways outside the main campaign such as allowing for extra revives in Raid mode rather than earning them by playing the game normally.

Set between Resident Evil 4 and 5, the previous Revelations follows Jill Valentine on a ghost ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The game took the series back to its series roots by emphasizing limited ammo, exploration, and survival. Revelations 2 follows both Claire Redfield and Barry Burton each with their own unique partner whose help you will require to advance. The first episode of four releases on February 17th at $5.99 each or as a season pass for $24.99 which includes two extra episodes. Each episode will release weekly until the final episode releases where they will then release it on disc which will include all 4 episodes plus all season pass content and even more bonus characters, costumes, and stages for Raid Mode.

4.) Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios is back with what could be the next trendsetting genre with their new IP Evolve which features 4 players working cooperatively to take down an evolving monster that is out for blood. At launch there will be 4 game modes, 12 maps, 3 monsters, 12 hunters with different skills broken into 4 classes: Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support, an evacuation campaign and full offline solo play. The developers have gone out and said that all future maps will be free so that they can keep the community together. You will only need to pay for the newer monsters and hunters and if you choose not to spend extra money on Evolve you will still be able to play with anyone else who has. As you play you will be able to earn different hunters and alternate skins for them in hopes of giving the game more longevity. So get 3 of your friends together because the hunt begins February 10th, and if you don’t have any friends then pick your favorite monster and go destroy some friendships.

3.) The Order 1886

PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive comes out this month and is set back in, you guessed it, 1886. It’s the industrial revolution meets steampunk where the knights of the round table have been at war with the half breeds, a man and beast hybrid, whose plans are still unknown. On top of that the knights are also defending the rich, and social order from the lower classes have begun to riot against them. While the game is only going to run at 30FPS, this game sports some of the best visuals in a game that I have ever played. The short demo they had playable at E3 last year had moments that blurred the lines between gameplay and its cinematics. The War between the Knights and Half-Breeds begins February 20th.

2.) Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

Hunting season is upon us, so it’s that time again to pick your favorite weapon and get ready to stab, smash, and shoot every other beast that would call you its prey. The series adds 2 new weapon types, the charge blade, and insect glaive. The underwater hunts have also been replaced by a wider variety of monsters that are smarter and now use the environment to their advantage. Along with fan-favorite character content ranging from Devil May Cry to the Legend of Zelda, it also features 4-player co-op via a fully integrated online via WiFi. It is a first for the series. While on a handheld, the game also focuses more on adventure and story progression which will feature multiple base camps and the most NPCs to date for the series. The hunt begins February 13th so cook some steaks, drink some potions, and get ready to hunt or be hunted.

1.) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

It’s been 15 years since Skull kid’s tricks and the Moon last threatened to destroy all of Termina, and Nintendo has decided to give this adventure a remastering just like they did for Ocarina of Time back in 2011. This version makes use of touchscreen controls, an enhanced stereoscopic 3D graphics and gyroscopic features. A few segments of the game have been altered to enhance the gameplay and make it smoother without ruining the world’s unique feel and aesthetic and they even added 2 fishing holes. Utilizing the power of controlling time and masks that give Link special abilities, he must wake the four sleeping giants in just 3 days time to save all of Termina. While the game is graphically equal on both older 3D’s and the new 3DS, there are a few features that will make use of the new one. Nintendo has yet to confirm the exact details of these changes. Grab your Ocarina and Bunny Hood, the apocalypse begins February 13th and you only have 3 days to stop it.

There are a bunch of games coming out this month so let me know what your most excited for in the comments below.

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