Disney Infinity 2.0 gets Tron’s Sam Flynn and Quorra

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Disney Interactive is adding more characters to the Disney Infinity 2.0 lineup, and this time it’s characters from the world of Tron. Sam Flynn and Quorra will be able to interact with other Disney and Marvel characters in Toy Box mode. There is a catch, however, since they are now only exclusive in the digital world for Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 iOS app ($2.99 each). They will come out on the PC in March 2015.

Sam Flynn: Son of brilliant videogame creator Kevin Flynn, Sam is ready for action. His skilled Lightcycle maneuvers make speeding around the Grid and outsmarting his foes a breeze. Wielding his Identity Disc, he battles his way to become a User that Programs revere.

Quorra: A rarity among Programs, Quorra, a fearless warrior, leaps her way into Disney Infinity. Don’t let her gentle nature fool you – she’s a true warrior at heart. Using her Katana and Identity Disc as weapons, Quorra is one Program you don’t want to cross.

This may be bad news for those wanting actual Tron figures, so I suggest you let Disney know. And while you’re at it, let them know that the figures should be compatible for all platforms.

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