Watch the first 2 minutes of The Walking Dead Season 5 mid-season premiere


The second half of The Walking Dead Season 5 is only a few days away. AMC has treated us with the first 2 minutes of the mid-season premiere, the opening footage before the opening credits. If you are not caught up, or haven’t been spoiled, it’s best not to watch or continue reading.

Without revealing too much, the footage shows a montage of events, from the burial of Beth to shots of an undamaged prison and Woodbury, and a small bac story regarding Noah through pictures. The group appears to be planning on where to head next based on where Noah and Beth were going after escaping the Atlanta Hospital. Just outside Richmond, VA, which just happens to be 99.4 miles walking distance from Alexandria, VA. Perhaps Rick and friends arrive or head to the Alexandria Safe Zone at end of Season 5?

The Walking Dead returns Sunday February 8 on AMC.

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