The Blacklist: ‘Luther Braxton’ review

The Blacklist - Season 2

We welcomed back NBC’s hit show The Blacklist last night and it was great seeing James Spader as our manipulative, genius criminal Raymond “Red” Reddington. The show started with Red being arrested by foreign authorities and sent to the CIA’s hidden facility called The Factory – on purpose! He wanted to go head to head with Blacklist criminal Luther Braxton, who had a plan to steal government secrets.

Who is Luther Braxton? It’s badass actor Ron ‘Hellboy’ Perlman! It seems like Red and Braxton has history together – bad history. He wants the codes to the Fulcrum, a blackmail file that had kept Red alive. He has Ressler and Navabi taken as hostage to obtain the codes to get access from Cooper. Red and Lizzie together must stop Braxton and save Ressler and Navabi. When Braxton takes Lizzie, Red goes nuts and goes after him with a bunch of guns. Not to mention, the group that Red is blackmailing – world leaders and decision makers – wants to destroy the Factory before Braxton gets his hands on it. So the CIA sent fighter pilots to blow up the place – with everyone still in it! We will find out the conclusion next week, but we know from the promos – they all survive somehow and Braxton takes Lizzie because she is important to Red.

So many unanswered questions! Apparently, Braxton knows what Lizzie is to Red and it has to do with the fire she was in as a little girl. Could Red be Lizzie’s father?

The whole episode was really fast paced, but really left me confused. I had so many questions and there was just so much going on – I’m worried about Lizzie, Ressler and Navabi, Red, Cooper and the gang, the secrets, and everything that is happening. I really hope we can finally get SOME answers next week. I know they want to continue to make the whole “Who is Lizzie to Red?” question for the show, but it can get a little bit old. But honestly, I’d still watch it because… James Spader.

The Blacklist airs on Thursdays on NBC. Next week’s episode promo ‘Luther Braxton: Conclusion’:

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