Superman gets a brand new power


If you’ve been paying attention to DC’s latest storyline called “Men of Tomorrow” involving our alien boy scout, you’ll know that it’s coming to a dramatic conclusion this coming Wednesday on Superman #38. According to writer Geoff Johns, it will finalize with Superman attaining a brand new power.

Yes, you heard that correctly; Superman is going to get a completely new power. I mean he’s already got god-like strength, super speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, super hearing, invulnerable skin, can hold his breath near indefinitely, the ability to fly, can hide in plain sight with just glasses, and has colder breath than a person chewing Orbit gum. Apparently, that’s not enough.


I’m not going to go into the storyline, since there might be some readers that don’t want it spoiled. However I will say that in order to stop the antagonist of this series, Supes is going to dig deeper and find that other hidden power that he really needs.

Geoff Johns stated this about the new power:

“…that is an extension of the Man of Steel’s physiology. It’s definitely the most destructive power Superman has. And he’s not exactly excited about it because it is so dangerous and there are consequences.”

Superman not only will be getting this new “dangerous power,” but he’s also going to be wearing new threads that was reported recently. For the Superman fans out there, this is probably exciting news for all of you, since you’ve probably been waiting for some kind of change up for Clark.

Personally, I think Superman is already overpowered already, and giving him new powers will only add on to his already omnipotent status. But hey, he’s an icon and if making Superman stronger than he already is makes his fans happy, then so be it! Let’s just hope Batman’s contingency plan involves this brand new frightening ability.  😉

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