Need for Speed mobile charges you for gas


Mobile gaming has been a huge hit since smart phones were introduced into society. Of course with this introduction came the idea of microtransactions within these mobile games. This is largely due to the games being free to download, but in order to access further content in the game, or to keep playing, you have to shell out the cash.

EA is no stranger to this formula as they are adapting this to their new installment of Need for Speed. If you love racing games and love to play them on your mobile device, well look no further! EA will be making this game available for smart phones and mobile devices, but with a catch: you have to pay for gas to keep playing.


No, I’m not kidding. You will literally have to pay for gas in-game in order to be able to keep racing. Sure you can wait until the timer runs down for you to play again, most likely the next day. So yes, it’s finally come to this – games are going to start imitating real life. I mean, that’s why we play games correct? To get away from reality and replace it with another reality where we also pay for gas, right? What’s next? We pay for property taxes, car bills, phone bills, electricity bills, school loans, bank loans, and hospital bills in an upcoming Sims mobile game? I’m done here.

Source: Crave Online

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