You can now buy Katy Perry’s Halftime Show ‘Dancing Sharks’ costumes


This will probably be the single greatest thing that anyone takes away from this year’s Super Bowl. Shortly after their appearance during Katy Perry’s Halftime Show, the Internet exploded and made the “Dancing Sharks”an internet sensation.

Across all forms of social media, numerous memes and gifs were made. After hearing the outpouring cries from fans, Bonobos agreed that if there were enough people interested in owning the costume, they would make them available to consumers.

You asked for shark costumes (no you didn’t?) and we responded. If we receive enough interest, we will make this shark costume, inspired by the half-time of a popular football game. Enter your email and we will keep you updated on everything shark costume related.

If you are interested in owning the costume, Bonobos ask that you send them an email or retweet their post on their official Twitter.

Now for some of my favorite “Dance Shark” memes. Enjoy!

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