Harley Quinn takes over DC Comics in February

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, DC Entertainment is planning something special for the month of February. Instead of Cupid flying around and spreading love, we’ll be getting an extra dose of Harley Quinn. Goodbye love-seeking arrows, hello giant hammer to the face.

What can we expect for Harley Month? Harley Quinn will be having an official Facebook page and Harley Hub page. We’ll also be seeing a Harley comics special with the Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special #1, which is coming out on February 11th.

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Here’s the variant cover.

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Before that, fans can get the lovely Harley Quinn/Joker Kiss Statue starting February 2nd.


Then there’s Harley Quinn #15, which hit stores on February 25th.

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Hot Topic is also celebrating Harley Month. Check out their selection at HotTopic.com.

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