CBS to have Supergirl’s first villain be…Lumberjack?

Lumberjack supergirl

The live-action Supergirl series from CBS is taking shape. We now have our Kara Zor-El, who’s being played by Melissa Benoist, and Jimmy Olsen, who’s played by a muscular and tall Mehcad Brooks. We know some of the confirmed protagonists in the series, but what about the first villain Supergirl will be facing? Well, it looks like it’ll be Lumberjack, a lesser known DC villain, according to TV Line.

Lumberjack’s first appearance in the DC comics was in Wonder Woman #268 back in the ’80s. He’s a Canadian villain working for The Cartel and has a great beard, plaid shirt, suspenders and ax.

What’s his role in the Supergirl series? He’ll be appearing in the pilot, and his job is to research how powerful Kara is for an unknown boss. CBS is looking for “big, burly monster of a man.” (Think The Hound from Game of Thrones.)

dc lumberjack

He’s not a popular DC character, so that means CBS definitely has more opportunity to add or change the character’s backstory without fans raging. The more important note is the boss he’s working for. This person may be a recurring villain.

It’s reported before that Supergirl will be facing villains like Toyman and Cyborg Superman.


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