Stan Lee approves of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four


Fox’s new Fantastic Four film has been heavily scrutinized over the last few months. Rumors of problems on the set have been spreading, leading many wondering what would be the outcome of the final product. The first trailer was released this week to a mixed reaction from fans.

Director Josh Trank and writer Simon Kinberg recently released a new video with commentary for the trailer. In their commentary the duo revealed that Josh Trank took his pitch for the movie to get the seal of approval from the master himself, Stan Lee.

“I just told him why I wanted to do the Fantastic Four and he genuinely loved the idea that somebody would be taking the Fantastic Four seriously like that, and putting them into a modern space, which was really cool to just kind of hear Stan Lee co-sign on that.”

Given that the film has already got  a negative impression with many fans, can Stan Lee’s blessing sway the masses to give the film a second chance?

Source: Comic Book

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