Game of Thrones: Season 5 trailer breakdown – Updated

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*Updated: 3 pm with images from the trailer and more information*

HBO has not released their season 5 trailer to the public yet, but those who attended the Game of Thrones IMAX Experience on Thursday night got to see it. We broke the trailer down about what could be happening.

*Please note this contains spoilers*

Here is what we saw and what we think is going to happen. To see the leaked trailer, click here:

  • “Nothing is more hateful than failing to protect the one you love.” – Whose voice is that? Could it be Ellaria Sand?
  • Jamie and Cersei mourning for their father, but we really know they didn’t care. Cersei will not have to be forced to marry Ser Loras and resume Regent over her son.

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  • Little Finger telling Sansa: “There’s no justice in this world, not unless we make it. Avenge them.”
    • He’s getting a little handsy with her.

GOT season 5

  • A woman (from the wardrobe, seems like from Dorne) whip a barrel revealing a man’s head. It could be Martell’s daughter (one of the Sand Snakes).
    • Oberyn Martell had eight illegitimate daughters who he loved and cared for. Since he was known as The Viper, his daughters were known as the Sand Snakes.

GOT season 5 2

  • A woman who looks like Selyse (Stannis’ wife) cutting her finger for blood.

GOT season 5 3

  • Tommen and Margaery’s wedding

GOT season 5 4

  • Men (Wildlings) marching forward – there will probably be another war between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings.

GOT season 5 5

  • Varys telling Tyrion: “I believe a man of talent has a part to play in the war to come.” Then Tyrion falling out of his box where they hid him. Tyrion tells him “I will never sit on the Iron Throne”

GOT season 5 6

  • Varys: “You could help another climb those steps and take that seat [Iron Throne]”.

GOT season 5 8

  • There is a scene at Castle Black post-burning of a body.

GOT season 5 7

  • A shot of Jon Snow on a horse.

GOT season 5 9

  • Sansa in a tub in the dark room.

GOT season 5 10

  • Melisandre and Selyse walking in the woods.

GOT season 5 11

  • Daenerys’s saying: “I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel.”

GOT season 5 12

  • Jorah fighting a man in the Daznak’s Pit.
    • This was in celebration in of Daenerys’ marriage to Hizdahr zo Loraq.

GOT season 5 13

  • A container opens with a snake (possibly representing the Viper) statue holding a necklace of some sort in front of Cersei. Could it be Myrcella Baratheon’s necklace?

GOT season 5 14

  • Cersei telling Jamie, probably in their father’s funeral room, of Tyrion: “That little monster is out there somewhere drawing breath”. Cersei is beginning to become paranoid

GOT season 5 15 GOT season 5 16

  • Melisandre lighting the fire of a at Castle Black. Someone important must have died.

GOT season 5 17

  • It looks like someone in robes. Noooooo! I really hope it’s not Maester Aemon Targaryen

GOT season 5 18

  • Jon Snow fighting against Wildlings

GOT season 5 19

  • Jamie Lannister going to a nice palace… probably in Dorne.

GOT season 5 21

  • More of Martell’s girls – revenge probably.

GOT season 5 20

  • Olenna Tyrell telling someone, “They’ll never even find what’s left of you.”

GOT season 5 22

  • Daenerys’ slave revolution – probably in Yunkai

GOT season 5 23

  • We see Reek again

GOT season 5 24

  • We see Bronn fighting someone on a horse.

GOT season 5 25

  • Arya is on the island of Braavos and goes to the House of Black and White, where she is initiated into the guild of the Faceless Men. She has to get rid of her old personality and belongings – including Needle.

GOT season 5 26 GOT season 5 27

  • Varys tells Tyrion: “The Seven Kingdoms needs a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and a reign family name.”
    • Tyrion: “Good luck finding him.”
    • Varys: “Who said anything about him?

GOT season 5 28

  • Could he be talking about Daenerys? Her face pops up after he makes that comment.

GOT season 5 29

  • The Black Dragon returns!

GOT season 5 30

  • Missandei kissing Grey Worm.

GOT season 5 31

  • Melissandre getting naked for someone. Probably Stannis because she belongs to him, but we know she is going to try to use Jon Snow this season.

GOT season 5 32

  • Daenerys and her men walking down some steps. Notice she is wearing white – someone is about to get married!

GOT season 5 33

  • Looks like Ellaria Sand cut her hair and is ready to fight.

GOT season 5 34

  • I think this is Margery hugging Tommen? She looks naked?

GOT season 5 35

  • Daenerys and her crew are in the center of the Daznak’s Pit.

GOT season 5 36

  • The golden Harpy status of Yunkai falls and crashes to the ground. After the Masters in Yunkai re-enslaved their men, Daenerys sent Hizdahr zo Loraq to negotiate with them. Looks like it didn’t end well for the slave masters.

GOT season 5 37


Game of Thrones returns on April 12th, 2015 on HBO.

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