Ezra Miller is okay with playing The Flash for 40 years

ezra miller the flash

There are some actors who have moved on from playing an iconic role (for example, Michael Keaton as Batman), and then there are those who are okay with playing a character for a long time. In this case, we have Ezra Miller, who’s going to portray The Flash in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe by Warner Bros.

In an interview with Hitfix, Miller said that he was a bit nervous about the contract that would have him playing the Flash for a while. However, that’s just a small bit of nervousness, since overall he would have signed a contract that would have locked him in for decades.

“It’s a mixed bag but I’m happy – I’m going to say I feel really happy about it in one way because the idea of actually having a steady job in my life is actually incredibly comforting. It’s something I didn’t necessarily think I would ever have. And then of course, there are the moments when responsibility-dodging, adolescent-me is like, ‘No, I don’t wan to’ [laughs]. [But] that’s a very small part. At this point, it’s a diminishing voice. Every time I think about that reality, it makes me extremely happy. I’m really stoked and I would do it for forty years. That contract could have said anything.”

It’s nice to see that he’s okay with playing The Flash for many years. However, it kinda feels like he’s okay with doing it for a steady income and not for the actual project. Let’s hope he does a good job in the upcoming Justice League film in 2017 and the solo film in 2018.

Source: Hitfix via CBM

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