Marvel’s Agent Carter 01×04: ‘The Blitzkrieg Button’ recap [Spoilers]


Four episodes into Marvel’s version of Alias and the series is still going strong. This week’s episode, “The Blitzkrieg Button,” sees the return of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark.

The last we saw of Howard, he enlisted Peggy’s help in order to recover his stolen super-weapons. Since then, Stark has been living his life away from the US while being chased by Peggy’s colleagues at the SSR.

But now Stark has returned to the U.S. and traveling inside a very comfy-looking train compartment — complete with its very own pool table. As it turns out, trying to smuggle a national traitor is not cheap at all. The men in charge of smuggling Howard is asking for more than the $50,000 that Jarvis has given them. With the deal about to go sour, Peggy knocks them out. This is where Peggy, Howard and Jarvis become reunited again.


As you might imagine, being pursued by the government and branded a traitor doesn’t seem to have sucked the life out of Stark. Once Peggy sneaks him into her room at the women-only Griffith Hotel, he casually talks about ordering room service and sets his sights on seducing a couple of Peggy’s female neighbors. Once a Stark, always a Stark.

But he’s not back in town simply to seduce Peggy’s neighbors; he’s back in town because he wants to see where his stolen inventions have gone. He gives Peggy a nifty camera-pen so she can use it to take pictures of all of Stark’s inventions at the SSR office.

At the SSR office, Agent Thompson announces that since Agent Dooley is out of town, he’ll be in charge. Agent Sousa tells Thompson that he’s going to investigate the anonymous call that led the SSR to Stark’s missing equipment. Meanwhile, Peggy goes down to the lab to take everyone’s lunch order. Little do they know that Peggy is using her clever camera pen in order to take pictures of all the inventions they’re investigating.


As Sousa goes back to the harbor to investigate the mysterious phone call, he comes across a couple of hobos. One of them may know what happened, but he isn’t talking. Thus prompting Sousa to take him back to the SSR office so he can be interrogated.

Mr. Mink, the smuggler who got Stark into the country, is not pleased that his lackeys were overpowered by Peggy and failed in their attempt to extort more money from Stark and Jarvis. “There were 6 or 7 guys,” one lackey said. So Mink uses his stylish mini-gatling gun pistol to take care of his minions. He believes that if they can’t do it then you should do it yourself.

At the SSR office, Sousa interrogates the hobo by appealing to their military history and their status as outsiders. The hobo still won’t talk, so Thompson wants to cut him loose. However, Sousa insists that they should keep him because he knows something about what happened.


Once Peggy brings back the photos back to Howard, he notices that the SSR is in possession of the “Blitzkrieg Button.” The Blitzkrieg Button could irreversibly black out an entire city and he wants her to get it back for him. He hopes that she’ll get it back before someone idiotically pushes the button and blacks out New York. “Don’t let me be the guy who shut down the greatest city on the planet,” he says. Howard supplies Peggy with a counterfeit Blitzkrieg Button so she can swap the two.

We see Agent Dooley traveling to Germany in order to pursue a lead on the two Russians who seemingly came back from the dead to steal Stark’s weapons. Both of them had supposedly died during the war at the hands of Nazi troops, and Dooley wants to talk to the troop leader, Col. Ernst Mueller, just before he’s executed for war crimes. Mueller doesn’t want to cooperate but Dooley offers him a cyanide pill to make his death painless. However, he wants information in exchange for the cyanide pill.


Mueller freely admits to his troop’s atrocities, but he tells Dooley he wasn’t responsible for what had happened to the Russians. He tells says that the Russians were dead before the Nazis got there. He said that the bodies were piled high and ripped apart. If you’ve been following Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then this could be a clue that Mr. Hyde killed the Russians.

While Agent Sousa may be trying to take the high road with the hobo, Agent Thompson tries a different approach with him. Instead of pleading, Thompson offers the hobo a burger and a bottle of Scotch will get the information out of him quicker. Agent Thompson may be a lot of things but he has a perceptive understanding of human nature. This is why he’s really good at his job.

With Thompson and Sousa busy with their interrogation, Peggy sees this as an opportunity to swap out the Blitzkrieg Buttons. However, Peggy is suspicious of the Blitzkrieg button. So she does the opposite of what Howard said not to do: She pushes the button. The object doesn’t cause a blackout though, but reveals a vial inside. Although she tries to leave the SSR, she goes into the interrogation room to hide.

Like I said, Thompson may be a lot of things but he’s good at his job and he’s very honest. This could be due to the Scotch though. Nevertheless, he asks Peggy why she’s at the SSR when the men treat her in such a demeaning fashion. Although she answers truthfully, he tells her the brutal truth right back, “you’re a woman. No man will ever consider you an equal. It’s sad, but it doesn’t make it any less true.”


This is where the episode was at its best. Peggy and Howard argue about the contents of the vial. It’s here where Howard tells Peggy that the vial contains samples of Steve Rogers’ blood. This is where Stark learns what a punch from Peggy Carter feels like. Stark is a smart man so he should’ve known that she is a woman who doesn’t like to be lied to, especially when it has to do with her presumed-dead ex-love.

Stark apologizes to Peggy for using her, but he reiterates that it was important for him to get that vial back. He believes Steve’s enhanced super-soldier blood could possibly save millions of lives through vaccines and medications. He tells Peggy about how poor his parents were and how in order for him to climb the American ladder he needed to get into the habit of lying. “You don’t get to climb the American ladder without picking up some bad habits on the way,” he says.

Yet she points out that he’s out to make a fortune from those vaccines and medications. “You are constantly finding holes to slither your way into in the hope of finding loose change, only to cry when you’re bitten by another snake,” she says. She promptly leaves and tells Howard that he should be gone by the time she gets back.


Mr. Mink is now trying to get in at the Griffith and pay a visit to Peggy Carter. He’s attempting to break into Peggy’s apartment when Dottie comes out of her apartment. He pulls his six-barreled gun on her, but it doesn’t go as well as he’d like. “Is that pistol an automatic?” she asks. “I want that.” It turns out that Dottie is far more than she appears to be. She takes down Mr. Mink with some “Black Widow” style moves.

It’s here where everyone suspected if Dottie was a result of the Red Room Academy, the same academy that trained Natasha Romanoff to become the Black Widow. It turns out that everyone’s suspicions were true. The showrunners recently revealed that Dottie is the result of the Black Widow program, or Red Room Academy.


Peggy meets up with Jarvis and is furious that he knew all along that the Blitzkrieg button contained a vial of Steve’s blood. So when Jarvis meets Howard, and honestly tells him that he’s tired of apologizing for him.

We end with Peggy feeling betrayed, and smashing a hole in her wall to hide the vial of Steve’s blood. We see Dottie admiring her new toy while we see a dead Mr. Mink underneath her bed. Back at the SSR office, Agent Dooley finds that the typewriter transmitter beings typing on its own.

What did you think of the episode?

Agent Carter airs on ABC on Tuesday at 9/8c.

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