Kickboxer star Alain Moussi wants to play Iron Fist


With Daredevil premiering soon and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage cast, that means that Iron Fist is only Defender left to be cast. One actor/stuntman may have thrown his name out there hoping that Marvel is paying attention.

The star of the Kickboxer reboot, Alain Moussi, recently posted on his official Facebook page an image of Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker’s The Immortal Iron Fist and called it “research.” This prompted fans to wonder if the stuntman is Marvel’s choice for Iron Fist.


However, Moussi backtracked on his post, saying:

The tactic worked for Vin Diesel and we’ll see whether it’ll work for Tyrese, but Moussi is new to the lead acting game. The Kickboxer remake will be Moussi’s feature film acting debut. He’s primarily known as a stuntman, working on such films as X-Men: Days of Future PastPacific RimImmortals and Brick Mansions. If the Kickboxer remake fares well though, I can imagine that Marvel will be paying attention.

Iron Fist is set to premiere on Netflix.

Source: Indie Revolver (via CBM)

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