Hackers takes down Facebook and Instagram


People will be talking about this for weeks. Grandparents will tell their grandchildren the dark tale of the day a hacker group shut down Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipchat. The DDOS attacks happened around ten o’clock last night. All the sites mentioned were completely inaccessible to users. The outage lasted for about an hour and returned shortly after eleven. The group was quick to gloat about its involvement on its official twitter.

This is not the first attack the groups done since the now infamous PSN and Xbox Live Christmas blackout. On Monday the group targeted Milaysia Airlines’ website and were able to completely take over the site. Malaysia Airlines has since restored its website, but according to the group, they were able to download a lot of data off the site’s servers during the attack.

Malaysia Airlines released a statement saying that there was no hack it was only a glitch and claims that none of its users’ data have been compromised. The hackers would have you believe otherwise.

No word yet when the group plans to release the data from Malaysia Airlines, but it appears that they are not just stopping there and claim more attacks are on the way.

Source: RT

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