Why Tyrese will make an awesome Green Lantern

10891735_1199437380083856_5125518678902682432_nTyrese has been getting a lot of slack over the past few days since he first hinted at possibly playing John Stewart, aka a Green Lantern. I think he would make an awesome Green Lantern in both the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League films.

John Stewart was originally set as a backup Green Lantern when Guy Gardner was out, being the first African-American Green Lantern in the comics and one of the few superheroes of color in comics during the ’70s. He was a former marine and tough guy who was described by Hal Jordan as carrying a chip on his shoulder that’s “bigger than the rock of Gibraltar.” As time progressed he became a bigger part of the Green Lantern series, playing a big role recently in “Brightest Day, Blackest Night,” and “War of the Green Lanterns.” Most of us may recognize him from the DC animated series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, where he was a key member of the Justice League and had romantic relations with Hawkgirl and Vixen.

Now let’s look at Tyrese. Many people know him as an R&B artist and having a comedic military role in Transformers. Yeah sure, a lot of people hate Michael Bay and say they hated the Transformers movies, but it made massive amounts of money. You probably saw it in the theaters and very well may own the DVD or Blu-ray. Let us remember movies are for entertainment and are there to enjoy instead of nitpick. We also know him from the Fast and the Furious franchise where he was even more of a comedian. (It was a role that he was hired to play.) He played not only Robert Epps, an Air Force Sergeant in Transformers, but also a navy lieutenant and enlisted marine with a chip on his shoulder in Annapolis.

john_stewart_green_lantern_by_mystic_oracle-d4nai6pHe also had other serious roles like Waist Deep and Baby Boy. He has had roles that perfectly embody the attitude that John Stewart held, and is about the same age as well. (Tyrese Gibson is 36 years old.) So you have the right age, a guy who can play the asshole, comedian, and marine. He is also the author of 2 books, with both being on the New York Times Best Seller’s list. His films have also grossed nearly 5 billions dollars, which is a certain kind of star power that DC would love to have. So why wouldn’t we believe that Tyrese Gibson could perfectly embody the role of Green Lantern?

There are a few other contenders that fans want such as Idris Elba and Common. Idris Elba is currently booked through 2016 and probably can’t be in a DC movie due to non-compete clauses in his Marvel contracts. I do think Common could be an incredible choice as Green Lantern, but we haven’t seen a lot of movement from that. Tyrese is campaigning for this role, similar to his co-star and friend Vin Diesel, who first mentioned taking a role with Marvel. This kind of passion for a project produced a great role as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy for Vin Diesel.

Only time will tell what DC decides to do, but Tyrese Gibson would be a great choice as a Green Lantern and definitely has my support. Now does he have yours?


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