Released illustrations show the Fantastic Four reboot suits

fantastic four michael turner

With all the “wonderful” news that’s been surrounding this reboot, it looks like there’s additional information that’s been revealed from this production. Our lovely geek-tastic friends over at Nerdist have released a video showing illustrations on the suit designs for the Fantastic Four.

If you don’t have time to watch through the video, here are the screenshots of the illustrated suits for both Reed Richards and Johnny Storm.

FF4 Reboot 1


FF4 Reboot 2


Huh….interesting. My opinion? To me it looks like Reed Richard’s costume was created for someone from the cartoon called The Jetsons. As for Michael B. Jordan’s costume for Johnny Storm, I don’t think he has enough vents. They might not be vents at all and could just be the blinds that you put on your windows. They probably open up to expose his rock hard abs and shoulders.

Since these are just sketches that have been unofficially revealed, we don’t really know IF they are actually going to utilize them in the final cut of the movie. Again, there’s still no trailer released as of yet, so we’re still all in the dark. Sound off down below on what you think about these supposed costume designs.

After hearing all the rumors and seeing these sketches, this is how I personally feel about all the information surrounding this movie:

Source: Nerdist

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