The new season of Power Rangers Dino Charge kicks off in February

Power Rangers Dino Charge. 2jpgPower Rangers fans have a new season to look forward to next month. Nickelodeon will be debuting season 22 of the Power Ranger series. With a new season comes a new set of Rangers ready to deliver a more dino-charged action-adventure series than ever before.

In this season we’re going to see even more dino action as an intergalactic bounty hunter is on the hunt for Energems that were entrusted to 10 dinosaurs. The new team of Power Rangers will have to find the lost Energems before it’s too late, if not our planet may be destroyed. If the Rangers get to the gems first, they will have an arsenal of new weapons, zords, and more Megazords!

“Power Rangers Dino Charge will bring fans an action-filled story packed with all-new monsters, villains, weapons, and of course, Power Rangers,” said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. “We know our fans will love what we have in store with this all-new dino-themed season.”

With more action and new monsters to fight off, this season will something Power Ranger fans should not miss. You can start watching Power Rangers Dino Charge on Saturday, Feb. 7, at 12 p.m. For encore episodes you can watch Sundays bright and early at 8 a.m. If you still want to match those episodes again you can also catch it on Nicktoons on Saturdays at 7 p.m.

Source: Nickelodeon

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