Truforce Collectibles launches Mega Man X figure’s Kickstarter campaign

Back in October, Mega Man fans were introduced to a futuristic Mega Man X figure being developed by TruForce Collectables, a new face in the figure market. What began as an amazing drawing from Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X Illustrator Keisuke Mizuno has become something Capcom fans have been going crazy over. Thanks to TruForce, fans have a chance to own the awesome official piece as early as this summer.


Standing at 6 inches tall, this futuristic Mega Man X figure includes LED functionality, swappable face/hand parts, effect parts, diecast armor parts on the chest, shin and feet, and is fully poseable with over 30 points of articulation. By launching a Kickstarter campaign, the team at TruForce Collectables hopes to raise $200,000 and plans to use the money to help cover licensing costs, event promotion costs and production costs. It will also offer some really cool rewards to backers including a shirt featuring the new X design, a exclusive rider Chaser print from Keisuke Mizuno, as well as the figure itself which is an $80 backer reward.

While $80 may seem quite a bit, TruForce Collectables did announced via the Kickstarter FAQ that the MSRP on the figure will be $80. Backing it now means you will receive the figure before Truforce ships it to retailers. The next big reward is $210 but it gives you the X figure, the shirt, art print, and alternate colored variant of the X figure in Silver and Orange being called “Test-Color X.” It is only available as a Kickstarter exclusive.


Interested in learning more about TruForce Collectables or ready to back the Kickstarter? You can get more information from the TruForce Collectables Facebook page or Kickstarter page. As a Mega Man fan I already backed this project and can’t wait.

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